Takayama Festival a Beautiful Japan Autumn Festival

Japan Festival in Takayama 2

Uncover one of Japan festivals in Takayama, home to one of the top 3 Japan’s most beautiful festival, the Takayama Festival. Transporting you to old Japan days, this festival held biannually in spring and fall attracts visitors with its enchanting floats, lantern-lit streets, traditional dances, and music to celebrate enduring craftsmanship and the community’s vibrant […]

How to Pickle Magnolias

Pickled Magnolias

Magnolias are a beautiful and fragrant flower, but did you know that you can also eat them? In this recipe, we’ll show you how to make pickled magnolias – a unique twist on a classic pickling recipe. Making pickled magnolia petals is a fun and unique twist on traditional pickling recipes. By following these simple […]