2 Days in Saigon: A Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh 2 day Travel guide

You’ve decided to travel to Vietnam and don’t know where to start, either in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi? Here’s a guide to add Ho Chi Minh city to your travels. Ho Chi Minh it’s the biggest city in Vietnam and has a rich history, culture, and amazing street food! Saigon is located in the […]

Weasel Coffee in Dalat Vietnam

Weasel Coffee

How is weasel coffee made?Types of Weasel Coffee  Ethics Beware Fun Fact: Vietnam and Brazil are the top two coffee producers in the world! Weasel coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because of its unique production process and flavor. It’s truly a luxury beverage and Da […]

2-Day Travel Guide to Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat travel Guide

Dalat is a hidden gem in the south of Vietnam. It’s such a charming city with breathtaking landscapes and french architecture, a city with both adventure and cuisine for foodies! It’s the little France of Vietnam! You can do alot in Da Lat within two days. This travel guide splits into one sightseeing day of […]

20 Must-Try Vietnamese Foods to Add to Your List

If you’re a food lover, then Vietnamese cuisine should be on your list of must-try foodie experiences. Vietnamese cuisine for its fresh and healthy ingredients, flavors, textures, and aromatics that blend harmoniously, and its complex history. To help you explore this rich culinary heritage, we’ve curated a list of 20 must-try Vietnamese dishes  that will […]

Takayama Festival a Beautiful Japan Autumn Festival

Japan Festival in Takayama 2

Uncover one of Japan festivals in Takayama, home to one of the top 3 Japan’s most beautiful festival, the Takayama Festival. Transporting you to old Japan days, this festival held biannually in spring and fall attracts visitors with its enchanting floats, lantern-lit streets, traditional dances, and music to celebrate enduring craftsmanship and the community’s vibrant […]

How to Pickle Magnolias

Pickled Magnolias

Magnolias are a beautiful and fragrant flower, but did you know that you can also eat them? In this recipe, we’ll show you how to make pickled magnolias – a unique twist on a classic pickling recipe. Making pickled magnolia petals is a fun and unique twist on traditional pickling recipes. By following these simple […]

Takayama Old Town: 10 best things to do

Best Things to Do Takayama Japan

Takayama, located in the Gifu prefecture, is known for its well-preserved historic town, traditional festival, famous sake breweries, temple walks with natural surroundings, and unique Japanese Hida food. It’s a town that takes you back in time to old Japan days it was a thriving merchant town. Must Knows >> Where to stay? >> Transportation […]

Tokyo City Guide: Shinjuku at Night

Tokyo Shinjuku things to do at night

Shinjuku, the district in Tokyo that keeps its heart beating even when the sun goes down! Brimming with vibrant nightlife at Kabukicho or food neon-lit alley of Omoide Yokocho. Shinjuku transforms into a playground for the nocturnal. With it’s bustling izakaya and yakitory bars, shopping streets. Explore our Shinjuku Travel guide to experiencing the best […]

Rose Pistachio Phyllo Pie

Phyllo Milk Pie (Muakacha)

Phyllo Crinkle Pie, an easy Middle Eastern dessert  made with layers of phyllo dough soaked in butter and custard with a delectable blend of  rose cardamon and pistachios. Crisp and sweet exterior sure to please your taste buds. What to do with Phyllo Dough? Here’s a simple yet delicious recipe that can be modified to […]

Cherry Blossom and Strawberry Shortcake

Cherry Blossom cake

Indulge in the Magic of Cherry Blossoms with drool-worthy Sakura-inspired desserts. Cherry  Blossom Shortcake Hey there, fellow foodies! Can we talk about the mouthwatering awesomeness of cherry blossoms?  Have you ever witnessed their stunning beauty in full bloom during springtime? It’s like a fairy-wonderland! Whether you had the chance to witness cherry blossoms in Japan […]