Rose Pistachio Phyllo Pie

Phyllo Milk Pie (Muakacha)

Phyllo Crinkle Pie, an easy Middle Eastern dessert  made with layers of phyllo dough soaked in butter and custard with a delectable blend of  rose cardamon and pistachios. Crisp and sweet exterior sure to please your taste buds. What to do with Phyllo Dough? Here’s a simple yet delicious recipe that can be modified to […]

Pistachio Filled Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun¬† are the most popular Indian sweet (mithai) dessert you’ll find at Indian restaurant. They are soft pillows of a milk based dough soaked in rose syrup. This is a spin off the traditional gulab jamun stuffs gulabs with pistachio Mawa or Khoa, a reduced dairy product made by combining milk powder and ghee. […]

Almond Ricotta Mochi Pancakes

Mochi Almond Ricotta Pancake

This spin to a breakfast classic is sure to spice up your morning. Mochi pancakes texture is different from your traditional buttermilk pancakes. They are bouncier on the inside with a crunchy edge. Although commonly made with buttermilk or yogurt, I prefer Ricotta. It adds a subtle creaminess and tanginess while keeping the spotlight on […]