Coconut White Peach Galette


This Coconut White Peach Galette recipe is light, and coconuty topped with a beautiful spread of white peaches slices. Its flavor combination will not disappoint you! A perfect dessert to for a summer afternoon tea with friends! White peaches are sweeter and luscious than yellow peaches. They have a hint of floral taste and are […]

Foraged Sumac Lemonade

Sumac Lemonade

Let’s make Lemonade with foraged Sumac! Sumac Lemonade infusion is peach in color and has a tart flavor that is reminiscent of lemons but with a less acidic bite! WHAT IS SUMAC? Commonly used as a spice in Middle Eastern cooking (especially lamb) , Sumac berries are ground into powder and used for savory dishes […]

Petite Wineberry Galette

Wineberry Galette

But have you tried wineberries? These foraged berries are the star of this galette. Japanese Wineberries are a delicious wild berry. The sweet fruit is similar to raspberries which makes it perfect for desserts, baking and jam! We are making French galette!  A  rustic summer pie but much more easier! Galettes are just a flat round cake topped with fruit […]

Cardamon Fig Jam

Fig Jam

When there are figs it’s time for fig jam! It’s super easy to make just boil figs, sugar, lemon and spice it up with cardamon or cloves too!

Almond Ricotta Mochi Pancakes

Mochi Almond Ricotta Pancake

This spin to a breakfast classic is sure to spice up your morning. Mochi pancakes texture is different from your traditional buttermilk pancakes. They are bouncier on the inside with a crunchy edge. Although commonly made with buttermilk or yogurt, I prefer Ricotta. It adds a subtle creaminess and tanginess while keeping the spotlight on […]