Kyoto Travel Guide: Gion & Downtown

Kyoto Gion and Downtown and Nishiki Market

Your passport to Downtown Kyoto. Start your day with a Japanese breakfast, stroll through Maruyama Park’s serene beauty. Enjoy Gion District’s Hanamikoji Street and teahouses. Discover the vibrant Nishiki Market and Pontocho Alley to dive into Kyoto’s foods and nightlife. Must Knows >> Where to stay? >> Transportation >> Walking >> Things to do >> […]

Kyoto Travel Guide: Higashiyama

Kyoto travdel guide to Higashiyama

One of Japan’s most popular cities to visit, Kyoto is the place to see the magnificent Japanese temples and explore the ancient Japanese history! Each Kyoto District has something to offer, we’ll start with Higashiyama, one of Kyoto’s most charming and historic districts! This area is home to many temples, gardens, matcha tea houses, traditional […]