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Best Attarctions Oslo Norway

I have been dying to share my visit the city of Oslo. It was one of the most uneventful places I’ve visited but I have such beautiful memories from here.


For this trip I ended tagging along with Kate. I wish you could meet Kate, of all the Kates in the world you’ll surely remember this one. She’s hilarious and very wise. Kate’s a dear friend I made in gradschool, kind of like the “Gandalf” of the lab I work at.

How my trip started: I heard Kate talking about how she just bought a plane ticket to Oslo and of course I wanted to go too. So, I asked her and next thing I knew, off we went to Oslo in FEBRUARY…burrrrrrrr.

The first spontaneous travel decision I’ve made but you know, sometimes you just need go for it. So I got my ticket. WORTH IT!

We met Anne at the airport. Anne is Kate childhood friend. They are two of the most interesting specimens I’ve met. It was very refreshing to see the timeless friendship between these two. Heck, they even shared it with me! I mean, they had to since we were stuck together!

The flight it’s all a blur in my head and I can’t really remember how we even made it but we did. Oslo was freaking COLD, too cold for my liking.

At the hostel we stayed we met a bold girl, whose name I can’t remember. She decided to move to Oslo to find a job and had been living in hostels for a while. It made me think about how I need to take more risks and that life is too short.


The first stop: We went to the Oslo Opera House, I’m sure this was Anne’s idea since she’s the artisty one of the trio. The opera house was stunning but dangerous! Oh Lordy, as Ann would say. We had to climbed iced staircases. I’m telling you, I feared for my hips so I decided that attaching myself to the walls was the safest bet to make it to the top. Meanwhile Kate and Ann were effortlessly ice climbing in style with pink Converse!


We made our way through the city Main Street. We stopped at a candy store because Norway has an obsession for licorice, is a big thing there. There were so many different flavors and colors! We also stopped at a bookstore where Anne nerded out about books. She loves to read and seeing Anne so excited about books made me want to read too. I’m telling you it was contagious!

Anne and Kate were so excited to walk up the snowy hill to the royal palace an excitement I did not share. I stopped half way to enjoy the beautiful sundown and appreciate how childhood friendship looks like. I have no idea what these to gals were talking about but it looked like two friends catching up on life far away from the business of life itself.


We ended up at the Magic Ice bar. This place was so cool! They had ice cups that you could eat after drinking! Double bang bang! They were a shocker for Kate. The bar had ice statues but the best thing were the guys we met there. They were huge! Just a group of men being…well men.


There’s no way you can go to Norway and not hit an irish pub. This pub had the best two beers I’ve tried. Beer tastes different in Norway and the Irish bar had such a clandestine and yet classy vibe to it. Perfect place to drown your sorrows.

Our night ended with philosophical discussions about……… BEERS!

Cheers to us!



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