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Kyoto Food Guide: 15 Must-Try Foods in Kyoto

Top 15 foods to try in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, one of Japan’s foodie cities!!. Explore traditional Japanese cuisine and regional specialties. This thrill list includes some of the best foods to try in Kyoto – From Soy Milk Donuts at Konnamonja within the bustling Nishiki market to souffle fluffy pancakes at Pontocho Alley or traditional Japanese breakfasts to decadent matcha parfait . In this Kyoto food guide, discover 15 must-try foods in Kyoto other than sushi or ramen! Get ready to expand your taste buds!

1. Matcha Parfait

Starbucks Higashiyama

Layers of matcha ice cream, sweet red bean paste, crunchy cereal and grass jelly. Try with Wagash, small confectiony sweets often served with green tea!


2. Tsukemono Japanese Pickles

Traditional Japanese Sweets and Pickles (Tsukemono)

Tsukemono are various types of pickled vegetables like cucumbers, radishes, plums, and carrots.

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3.Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelete

Tamagoyaki is a popular Japanese-style omelet neatly rolled served as a side dish or as a breakfast side dish.

Japan Kyoto Foods Tamagoyaki
Japan Kyoto Foods Melon Pan

4. Melon Pan

Sweet and bread with a sugary crust with a  melon-like appearance. Try Melon Pan stuffed with vanilla ice cream! It makes it 10X better.

Japan Kyoto Foods Japanese breakfast

5. Kaiseki

A traditional Japanese multi-course meal beatifully arranged.

Hachidaime Gihey has affordable kaiseki!


Japan Kyoto Foods Takoyaki

6. Takoyaki

Piping-hot octopus-filled balls, topped with seaweed, moving bonito flakes and okonomiyaki sauce! You can get some of the best at Tanaka Keiran in Nishiki Market!

7. Strawberry Mochi

Strawberries wrapped in soft, chewy mochi rice cake.

Japan Kyoto Foods Strawberry Mochi

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Japan Kyoto Foods Chestnuts

8. Roasted Chestnuts

If you happen to be in Kyoto during fall you’ll get to try seasonal chestnut sweets roasted Chestnuts! A must-try seasonal snack!

Japan Kyoto Foods Okonomiyaki

9. Issen Okonomiyaki

a wheat flour based batter cooked like a crepe on the griddle, with bonito flakes, egg, konnyaku and beef. A variation of Kyoto style okonomiyaki.

 You can find it at 

Issen Yoshoku

10. Tofu Doughnuts

Inside the Nishiki market Konnamonja serves soy milk based goods. Their most popular item is Tofu  doughnuts and soy milk cream croquettes.. Konnamonja soy treats are a must-try when exploring Kyoto’s food scene!

Kyoto foods Tofu doughnuts
Japan Kyoto Foods fish cakes

11. Surumi

Fish cake. They come in various shapes and flavors and textures. 

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Japan Kyoto Foods Tofu Hot Pot

12. Yodofu- Tofu Hotpot

Silky handmade tofu in a light broth of kombu, a type of kelp. Here is served in hot pot style with vegetables, mushrooms cooked in a light broth.  Definitely visit a tofu restaurant in Kyoto!

Japan Kyoto Foods Goma tofu

13.Sesame Pudding-Goma Dofu

This unique dessert it’s made by combining  sesame, sugar, and kudzu starch. A sesame based custard. Try it at :

Yudofu Sagano

Kyoto Foods Gyudon beef bowl

14. Gyudon

Japan comfort food to have for dinner! Gyudon, thinly sliced beef soaked in onions on a bed of  rice cooked in a slightly sweet, savory sauce. A must-try food for visitors to Kyoto!

15. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Airy, cloud-like souffle pancakes. The fluffiest pancake you’ll ever have! They come filled with various flavors! Matcha, chocolate, caramel. Try them at:

A Happy Pancake Kyoto

Japan Kyoto Foods Japanese fluffy pancakes

So there you have it, 15 foods to try in Kyoto. Take the leap, explore Japanese food and don’t forget to share your favorite dishes with us in the comments!

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