20 Must-Try Vietnamese Foods to Add to Your List

If you’re a food lover, then Vietnamese cuisine should be on your list of must-try foodie experiences. Vietnamese cuisine for its fresh and healthy ingredients, flavors, textures, and aromatics that blend harmoniously, and its complex history. To help you explore this rich culinary heritage, we’ve curated a list of 20 must-try Vietnamese dishes  that will make you fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Whether you’re seeking savory soups, healthy salads, comforting rice bowls, or unique desserts, Vietnamese cuisine has something to offer every palate. 

1. Bánh Cuốn - Steamed Rice Rolls

These are delicate and light rolls made from steamed rice flour stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms and served with a traditional fish sauce and fried shallots.

2. Bún Chả -Vietnamese Pork Meatballs


Vietnamese pork meatballs served with vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs. These meatballs are flavored with lemongrass, garlic, and fish sauce, giving them a savory and slightly sweet taste. Dip each bite in a sauce made of fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, and chili for an explosion of flavors. This dish gained international attention when President Obama tried it on his trip to Vietnam in 2016.

3. Bánh Xèo
Crispy Vietnamese Crêpes

These savory tumeric colored pancakes, are filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts, wrapped in rice paper and salad leaves, and dipped in peanut sauce or dipping sauce.

4. Bánh mì

This iconic and portable sandwich is a fusion of French and Vietnamese culinary traditions and is filled with a variety of meats, pate, and pickled carrots and daikon.

5. Nộm Bò Khô
Dried Beef and Papaya Salad

This salad has a unique blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors and combines strips of dried beef, shredded green papaya, basil, peanuts, and a tangy fish sauce dressing.

6. Pho

This popular noodle soup is a national dish of Vietnam and is made with a savory broth, slow-cooked beef brisket, rice noodles, and fresh herbs such as Thai basil and coriander.

7. Cơm Gà
Chicken & Rice

This home-style meal features a juicy chicken leg served with broken rice cooked. It’s a Vietnamese home staple.

8. Lemongras Pork Chops

Called “Cơm Sườn Nướng” this grilled pork dish is marinated with lemongrass, garlic, and soy sauce and served with broken rice, pickled vegetables, and a fried egg on top.

9. Chả Giò - Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls Wraps

These crispy spring rolls filled with ground pork, carrots, and mushrooms are perfect for dipping into a sweet chili dipping sauce.

10. Lẩu
Viet Hot Pot

This communal meal is a must-try experience in Vietnam and features a simmering pot of broth filled with seafood, meat cuts, and fresh vegetables.

11. Miến Xào
Stirfried Glass Noodles

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12. Nem Nướng
Vietnamese Grilled Pork Sausages Rolls

These grilled pork sausage skewers are served as to be eaten as a wrap with fresh herbs and lettuce and are dipped into a flavorful orange dipping sauce.

13.Egg Coffee
CàPhê Trứng

This delicious and creamy coffee is made by mixing whipped egg yolks, condensed milk, and espresso, creating a decadent and sweet layer on top.

14. Yogurt Coffee
Ca Phe Sua Chua

This cold and smooth coffee drink incorporates a generous dollop of chilled yogurt, sweetened with condensed milk served with coffee.

15. Kem xôi
Ice Cream & Sticky Rice

This dessert is a delightful mix of sticky, sweet glutinous rice, drizzled with sweet coconut milk, and topped with a generous scoop of ice cream.

16. Cao Lầu
Vietnamese Noodle Bowl & Braised Pork

This hearty and savory noodle bowl features thick, chewy noodles with slices of tender pork, crispy toasts, fresh beansprouts, and herbs. Only found in Hoi An city!

17. Grilled Meat in
Bamboo Tube

 This unique dish enjoyed in the  central highland of Vietnam features pork, beef, or chicken grilled inside a bamboo stick that lends a smoky flavor to the dish.

18. Lemongrass Fried Crickets

A popular and crunchy street food snack with a protein punch, these fried crickets are coated in lemongrass and chili seasoning and are surprisingly delicious.

19. Canh Cua - Sweet and Sour Fish Soup

This hearty and flavorful dish features a sweet and sour broth boiled with fish, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, tamarind paste and pineapple.

20. Local Fruits

Vietnam is known for its incredible tropical fruits, from passion fruits, raw cacao fruit and red dragon fruits, each with its own unique taste and texture.


So there you have it, 20 must-try Vietnamese dishes. So take the leap and explore Vietnamese food  and don’t forget to share your favorite dishes with us in the comments!


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