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Takayama Food Guide: 15 Must-Try Foods in Takayama

Must-eat foods in Japan

If you’re a food lover, then regional Japanese cuisine should be on your list of must-try foodie experiences. Takayama offers unique foods in addition, to ramen and sushi, to try in Japan right in Takayam Old town! To help you decide what to eat in Takayama, here is a list of 15 foods to try in Takayama that will make you fall in love with Japan’s regional cuisine.

1. Houba Miso

Hoba Miso, Takayama Foods Japan

A Takayama regional dish were beef is cooked with miso on a magnolia leaf (Houba).

2. Hida Beef Yakiniku

Hida Beef Yakiniku in Takayama Japan

Hida Beef is a premium Wagyu beef from the Gifu Region. It’s highly marbled and juicy when cooked. Having in Yakinuy style (grilled meat) makes it for a fast but delicious meal. 

3. Beef Sushi

Raw beef sushi  on top of cracker. This ia a melt in your mouth one bite!

 You can find it at 

Hida Kottegyu (こって牛)

Beef Sashimi with Cracker in Takayama Japan
Takayama Hida Beef Buns Steamed Bun (Gyuman)

4. Gyuman - Steamed Buns

Hida beef wrapped in a fluffy, steamy bun.  They come with various stuffings like sweet red bean, green pickles and pumpking! You can get them at 


 Hida Gyuman Honpo (飛騨牛まん本舗)

Takayama Hand made Soba Noodles

5. Handmade Soba Noodles

Soba noodles in Takayama are made freshly with buckwheat. The soba noodles are served with grated radish and Sobayu, the soba water where the noodles have been boiled. At the end of your meal Soy sauce is diluted with Sobayu to make a drink. It’s really a good ending note!  

Yakisoba Noodles in Takayama Japan

6. Yakisoba Noodles

The classic stir fried Japanese noodles made with a sweet and savory sauce. A must have at Izakaya bars.

7. Yakitori - Chicken Skewers

Charcoal roasted chicken skewers are so juicy. Order a few you’ll eat all!

Yakitori Chicken Skewers in Takayama Japan
Grilled eggplant with miso and cheese in Takayama Japan

Nasu Dengaku Takayama Style

Chargrilled Eggplants with miso and cheese. You can find it at 

Wada izakaya 和田 

23 Asahimachi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0017, Japan

Chestnut Baked Cracker in Takayama Japan
Black sesame cracker in Takayama Japan

9. Black Sesame or Chestnut Baked Crackers

Perfect snack for your travels! These are hand made bake goods from 前畑点心堂 confectionary store.

10. Mitarashi Dango

A classic Japanese street food made with mochi to make balls with a soy glaze.

Mitarashi Dango in Takayama Japan
Gohei Mochi in Takayama Japan

11. Gohei Mochi

A regional Japanese food where a rice cake is grilled and covered in a soy glaze. Here in Takayama the glaze has sesame but it can also have walnuts! The best one I had was at Akebonoya (あけぼのやだんご製造)

Marshmallow in Takayama Japan

12. Owara Tamaten -
Beaten Eggs White Marshmellow

Regional Confectionary from Tomoya, neighboring town of Takayama. It’s made from eggs, sugar and agar making a fluffy cloud. It  taste like roasted marshmallows. You can find it at the Miyagawa Morning Market in Takayama Rinseido

Japanese pudding in Takayama Japan


Japanese pudding is a custard based dessert different from other puddings.  It comes in various flavors including matcha. Definitely try the original! You can find it a Takayama Pudding Tei 

Potato Croquettes in Takayama Japan

14. Korokke

Fried potato croquettes stuffed with hida beef. This street food is everywhere in Takayama but at Sukeharu meat shop you can find it made feshl!

15. Brewed Sake

Takyama is known for it sake breweries. There are 6 in Takayama old town where you can do sake tasting. The sakes are out smooth and well balanced!

Sake Breweries in Takayama Japan

So there you have it, 15 foods to try in Takayama. Take the leap, explore regional Japanese food and don’t forget to share your favorite dishes with us in the comments!


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