Best Things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne vietnam White sand dunes

Mui Ne, one of Vietnam’s coastal towns easily done as a day trip form Ho Chi Minh! Nestled along the stunning coastline, Mui Ne is a tranquil escape, with its beaches, affordable luxury resorts, and awe-inspiring sand dunes. Indulge in the breathtaking scenery in a desert-like atmosphere right next to the beach.  Here is a guide to experiencing the best of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

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How to get to Mui Ne?

Mui Ne can be easily done as a day trip and you’ll get to see all of the mayor sights listed here. Day tours from Ho Chi Minh are available through Viator!


If you are traveling Vietnam south to north or vicersa you can book your train and bus tickets through which is widely used for ground transportation across South East Asia by travelers. The site is super easy to use!

Things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

1. Fairy Stream

Mui Ne Fairy Stream, Vietnam
Mui Ne Fairy Stream, Vietnam
Mui Ne Fairy Stream, Vietnam

The Mui Ne Fairy Stream is a unique natural attraction. It’s a spot where you can take a shoeless leisurely walk through a shallow stream with a unique red canyon and rock formations on one side and at the other a tropical lush forest on the other side. The colorful white and red  rock formations are quite the view! 

Find all your hotel options for Mui Ne

2.Fishing Village

Vietnam Mui Ne Fishing Village

In the vibrant Fishing Village you’ll witness life’s simplicity painted in bright colors. You’ll see a sea horizon filled with fishermen in large colorful circular boats, getting the day’s fresh catch. 

Tip: In the morning the fishing village turns into a bustling fish market and you can see locals  weaving fishnets, drying squid, and making fish sauce!

3.White Sand Dunes

Vietnam Mui Ne White Sand Dunes

The Mui Ne White Sand Dunes are an activity and heat intensive attraction. It’s a surreal desert in a beach town. Make it make sense! If you’re in the mood for some thrill, you could even rent an ATV or test your sandboarding skills! You’ll experience the thrill of riding on such crazy terrain! 


Mui Ne Jeep Tour

Tip: A Jeep is definitely the funnest way to get around Mui Ne! You must get a Jeep tour while you’re here! There’s nothing quite like riding in a windowless jeep through the coast while the sun is setting and the salty breeze of the ocean is blowing.

4. Red Sand Dunes

Vietnam Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes

Shower in the sun’s final rays, as the dunes transform into a canvas of strokes in crimson!  Watch the breathtaking sunset views in the company of fellow adventurers. The Red Sand Dunes are smaller than the White Sand Dunes but preferred for sunset watching. 


5. Indulge in Mui Ne’s Seafood!

Mui Ne is a must-eat seafood town and crab is the specialty in Mui Ne. Go for crabs and clams. At the seafood restaurants they BBQ the clams and fill them with various things. You can also find lobster, shrimp, fish, squid and snails. Here are two of the most popular seafood restaurants among locals.

Tip: Bo Ke Mr. Crab has sitting right next to the beach. It’s perfect to enjoy lunch right by the beach!

6.Enjoy a cocktail by the beach bars 

Like any beach town, Mui Ne also has beautiful seaside restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a cocktail, a bonfire and DJ music. Here are the most popular bars to enjoy Mui Ne nightlife. Here are some of the most popular bars.

  • Joe’s Cafe Bar
  • Dragon Beach – Lounge Bar & Club
  • Nirvana Beach Club

Where to Stay in Mui Ne?

Mui Ne has really amazing resorts at very affordable prices right by the harbor with Seaside views! You can stay at a 4-star hotel for $50 a night which is a steal! The most popular spot for stays is the Mui Ne harbor. There are lots of restaurants and shops around that area so don’t skip the nightlife and seafood of Mui Ne!

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Vietnam MuiNe Centenara hotel

Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne
Vietnam MuiNe Hoang hotel

Hoang Ngoc Beach Resort
Vietnam Mui Ne Anantara Resort

Anantara Mui Ne Resort


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