Weasel Coffee in Dalat Vietnam

How is weasel coffee made?
Types of Weasel Coffee  
Ethics Beware

Fun Fact: Vietnam and Brazil are the top two coffee producers in the world!

Weasel coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because of its unique production process and flavor. It’s truly a luxury beverage and Da Lat is one of the few places in the world that produces it! Weasel coffee comes in different  varieties: robusta, arabica, and moka (also known as arabica bourbon). The most popular one is Arabica! 

Weasel Coffee

How is weasel coffee made?  

The coffee is made when Weasels (asian palm civets) eat the coffee cherries. The cherries go through the civets digestive system, get partially digested and excreted. The beans get collected by farmers and then are allowed to ferment. Farmers then meticulously clean and roast the beans to make Weasel coffee. Hence the name Weasel poop coffee.

The unique production process of natural enzymes digestion and fermentation decrease the bitterness of the coffee and enhance its sweetness giving it a unique caramel flavor and smoothness not typically found in coffee.  

Types of Weasel Coffee

Weasel coffee farms can be wild or farmed. In wild coffee the civets freely roam and select their own coffee cherries to consume which influence the flavor resulting in a premium coffee. 

Ethics Beware 

Me Linh Coffee Garden produces Wild coffee, a premium version of weasel coffee.


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